Intermediate CSS

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#1 How to allow the user to change the dimension of an element?

#2 Which of the following is NOT a valid pseudo class?

#3 An element with a positive z-index will always be on the top of an element with a negative z-index

#4 The containing block of position:absolute is established by the nearest ancestor with position:relative

#5 Which of the following is an invalid unit?

#6 In CSS grid how to create a layout with 3 equal columns?

#7 Which of the following is an invalid value of the transform property?

#8 margin-top and top behave the same when applied to a position:relative element

#9 A font where all the characters occupy the same amount of horizontal space is called?

#10 100vmin is always smaller than 50vh

#11 How to remove line breaks within text?

#12 Which of the following will NOT show a border?

#13 transform: rotate(180deg) scale(-1) is the same as

#14 What is the intrinsic aspect ratio of a linear-gradient?

#15 Vertical margins always collapse.

#16 background-position:100% calc(100% + 20px); is the same as

#17 Which of the following is an invalid value of the filter property?

#18 Which selector has the lowest specificity?

#19 Which of the following is not a transformable element?

#20 How to correctly define a CSS custom property?

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