CSS Challenges

Unleash your CSS skills

Hello World Easy

Hello World

Hello World, again? Easy

Hello World, again?

Hello World, oh no!? Medium

Hello World, oh no!?

An Empty World Easy

An Empty World

Fading World Easy

Fading World

A Hell Word? Medium

A Hell Word?

Upside Down Easy

Upside Down

Broken World Hard

Broken World

Hello … What? Hard

Hello … What?

Square World Medium

Square World

Black or White? Easy

Black or White?

Breaking News Medium

Breaking News

Colorful World Medium

Colorful World

Blinking World Medium

Blinking World

Sliding World Medium

Sliding World

Clock World Hard

Clock World

Clock World II Expert

Clock World II

Scrambled World Expert

Scrambled World

Diagonal World Hard

Diagonal World

Newton World Insane

Newton World

007 World Hard

007 World

Shredded World Medium

Shredded World

Rolling World Expert

Rolling World

Falling World Expert

Falling World

Crosswor(l)d Hard


Pacman World Expert

Pacman World

Pacman World II Insane

Pacman World II

A World far far away Medium

A World far far away

Last Hello World Hard

Last Hello World

Basic Shapes Hard

Basic Shapes

Diamond Hard


Hit the target Easy

Hit the target

Nice Shot Expert

Nice Shot

Replay the Shot Insane

Replay the Shot

Stack Overflow Expert

Stack Overflow

Olympic Games Hard

Olympic Games

Intersection Easy


Intersection II Medium

Intersection II

Rising Sun Expert

Rising Sun

Square Gradient Medium

Square Gradient

Diagonal Gradient Hard

Diagonal Gradient

Rounded Gradient Expert

Rounded Gradient

Spiky Gradient Insane

Spiky Gradient

Combined Rotation Hard

Combined Rotation

Dartboard I Hard

Dartboard I

Dartboard II Expert

Dartboard II

Enemy Spotted! Expert

Enemy Spotted!

Area Cleared Hard

Area Cleared

Rounded Line Easy

Rounded Line

Curved Line Medium

Curved Line

Wavy Line Hard

Wavy Line

Spiral line Expert

Spiral line

Child Boat Hard

Child Boat

Child Boat II Expert

Child Boat II

Sun Boat Expert

Sun Boat

Froggy Hard


Jumping Froggy Expert

Jumping Froggy

The Cloud Medium

The Cloud

Rainy Cloud Hard

Rainy Cloud

Infinitity Hard


Infinity flow Expert

Infinity flow

Wild Step Medium

Wild Step

Wild Step II Hard

Wild Step II

Power Off Easy

Power Off

Gear Medium


Rotating Gears Expert

Rotating Gears

Full Gears Insane

Full Gears

The Moon Easy

The Moon

The Sun Easy

The Sun

Strange Shape Hard

Strange Shape

Tetris Medium


Tetris II Hard

Tetris II

Pattern #1 Medium

Pattern #1

Pattern #2 Medium

Pattern #2

Pattern #3 Hard

Pattern #3

Pattern #4 Hard

Pattern #4

Pattern #5 Hard

Pattern #5

Pattern #6 Medium

Pattern #6

Pattern #7 Medium

Pattern #7

The Key Medium

The Key

The Lock Medium

The Lock

Unlock it Expert

Unlock it

Square Easy


Broken Square Hard

Broken Square

Square vs Circle Hard

Square vs Circle

The Room Medium

The Room

Missing Border Easy

Missing Border

Missing Border II Hard

Missing Border II

Missing Border III Expert

Missing Border III

Blob! Expert


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